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Chai Breakfast Cake

Mmmm…. Usually I’m not big into breakfasts.  Well, I was, ages ago, but since giving up most simple carbs and dairy and eggs…not so much.  A bowl of millet on occasion is quite delightful, but hands down, my favorite is … Continue reading

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Yummy Red Lentil Dal

As I was looking through my recipes, I realized that the number of of (well, mostly) wholesome desserts to food had gotten skewed more toward the dessert side. Which isn’t so much a problem, but I like balance. Since we … Continue reading

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Nanaimos–A Daring Baker challenge

Nanaimos=Canadian for bliss No one was more delighted than me to see this month’s DB pick! The January 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Lauren of Celiac Teen. Lauren chose Gluten-Free Graham Wafers and Nanaimo Bars as the challenge … Continue reading

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Carob Chestnut Balls

I love these babies. I’ve made them for a while, and finally wrote down the recipe…only to lose it in the shuffle of a kitchen remodel. But no worries! The new, improved version is even yummier (I think). So check … Continue reading

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Flourless chocolate torte (sugar free)

Yay chocolate! For better or worse, this was the month of the chocolate cake, and this chocolate torte was quite stunning and super easy. The recipe is adapted from Carol Fenster to be chocolat-ier and sugar free. Agave nectar and … Continue reading

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Super Easy (and yummy) peach crumble

It’s that season, and what a great way to celebrate! We threw together this super easy vegan treat in minutes, and gobbled it right up. I’m sure this would work with any berries or fruit. I love to use mesquite … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday: Cherries!

I’m delighted by Kim’s choice of cherries as this week’s theme for Menu plan Monday.  We’ve been getting beautiful ones, and some Ranier cherries too, which are beyond delicious.  Although I think cherries are perfect as is, I did make … Continue reading

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Lemony Mint Quinoa

Quinoa is just a perfect food for a summertime dish.  Quick, easy, delicious, naturally gluten free and high in protein and fiber…and easy to take along.  Consider me a big fan.  Generally, I’m partial to my Quinoa Italiana or Southwestern … Continue reading

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Chickpea Crackers

These crackers are a staple that I make just about weekly. They’re easy, versatile, yummy, healthy, and lend carb-y goodness that seriously needed on my grain free diet. I do constantly tweak them just a bit and play with different … Continue reading

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Chocolate Strawberry Cakes for Sea

One of the funny things about hosting a blog event is that you actually have to make sure you get around to posting on time.  So here I am, squeaking in under the wire for my post for Sea’s Yum-e-baby … Continue reading

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