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Blueberry pie filling for 2 (nom)

Because, pie day. And because E says I’m not always the best influence. (Moi?) Whatever. So the recipe. We make it a bunch in the summer when there are gobs of blueberries everywhere. It also happens with the strawberry excess. … Continue reading

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Eating Evolved–Chocolate Love

*please note, some posts on this website do contain affiliate links* I’m in love. E doesn’t seem threatened, which is a good thing. The problem is, sometimes I just can’t find my beloved, or my love just can’t handle sitting … Continue reading

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With the Superbowl right around the corner, I’ve updated one of my very favorite recipes with a few tweaks. This always goes at warp speed at our parties. Count me in for anything that involves avocado, lime, cilantro and tomatoes! … Continue reading

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Hot Vanilla & Giveaway

Like so many on the East coast, I’ve got some time on my hands because I can’t go anywhere. We’ve got~17 inches now, and it’s still coming down strong. I cannot say I’m a fan, but maybe if I were … Continue reading

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Chocolate Honey Mint Cups

Make these ASAP! I don’t remember the last time I was so gleefully delighted about a recipe, and E shares my excitement. I miss peppermint patties, and it’s that time of year. The HFCS ones are out, of course, and … Continue reading

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Wintertime Granola

I’ve always loved granola. Because, really, what’s not to love? But without oats or grains, even the idea of granola didn’t compute. I finally tried Paleo Krunch, which was super yummy, but the price tag was enough of a deterrent … Continue reading

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Sticky Fingers Maple Walnuts

Need a last minute dessert or hostess gift? Here you go! I absolutely adore this recipe because it’s delicious, versatile and I can have a dessert or gift made and on its way in 10 minutes. Sweet, huh? I love … Continue reading

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Almond-Coconut Pie Crust

It’s pie crust season for sure, so I wanted to get this posted ASAP! This is my new favorite-most thing. Most pie crusts use eggs or palm shortening, which I can’t have. My old one used agave, which I’ve been … Continue reading

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Veggie Wraps-Vegan, Grain-Free & Delish!

I have a confession to make: collards aren’t my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE kale, adore broccoli rabe, and like turnip greens from time to time. But collards? They’re not usually my favorite. When I went hunting for … Continue reading

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Roasted Garlic Bonanza

I know I haven’t been posting anywhere near as many recipes lately. I’ve been taking on more projects, and that’s been a mixed blessing. I enjoy my work, but I’m also someone who has the tendency to take on too … Continue reading

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