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Gobs of Basil…

Really, when I said gobs of basil I meant it.  My goal was to have a winter’s worth of pesto, so these are two plants out of 8.  Both are about 3-4 ft tall. The pictures aren’t great because they’re … Continue reading

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Lentil Stew (and why I love my garden)

Gardening is such a joy.  I don’t always get a lot of food or exercise out of it, per se, but it’s so delightful to spy a growing watermelon, a new flower budding, my first artichoke–oh!  my babies.  The butterflies, … Continue reading

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Kale “Pesto”

I love kale.  Adore kale.  Can’t get enough, really, and that’s why I’ve chosen if for this week’s menu plan (see below) And my (current) favorite way of making it is in pesto form.    It’s super easy, and totally customizable … Continue reading

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Yum-e-baby shower

Sea, of Book of Yum, and her DH expecting a beautiful baby boy. Since it’s quite a trek to CA, a virtual baby shower seems a wee bit more practical. And oh, the dishes everyone is bringing! Kate of GF … Continue reading

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Coconut Curried Greens

I love collards. And to think that for 25 or so years of my life, I had no idea what I was missing out on!  I grew up in NY and never really tasted them, or if I did, I … Continue reading

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I *heart* Red Pepper Sauce

Yahoo!  At long last, I am delighted to get the honor to host Weekend Herb Blogging.  If you’re not familiar with WHB, it was originated by Kalyn’s Kitchen, and our current hostess is Haalo.  It’s a great way to get … Continue reading

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Summer Lovin’ salad

I’m a springtime and summer kinda gal, and the winter months tend to get me down.  This salad is small a taste of summertime goodness to remind me of what I’m (eventually) looking forward to!  And this was such a … Continue reading

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Red Pepper Soup

I love red peppers. And yellow peppers. And orange peppers. I guess I really mean all sweet peppers! Raw, roasted, sauteed…you really can’t go wrong. I eat a ridiculous quantity of roasted peppers in the summer and fall months. As … Continue reading

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Grilled Herb-y Red Peppers

First, an ode to my peppers, from their very beginnings Just a baby Seedling Go, baby, go! Red peppers are one of my favorite foods. They’re amazing roasted, better grilled, and best, grilled with fresh herbs. There’s something about adding … Continue reading

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Roasted tomato and caramelized onion soup

This soup is a celebration of summer veggies, and is one of my favorites!  I make a huge batch and freeze it, and it’s such a treat to devour a bowl of summertime in the middle of the winter. Growing … Continue reading

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