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Goofball foxy babies! (video & pics)

Foxy babies were definitely enjoying their holiday weekend! Mr. Dude got a video of the babies…don’t miss the pounce at :49 This pic cracked me up…a little foxy still frame action!There was lot of foxy pouncing…a lot. Shhh! If the … Continue reading

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More foxy…

Because a day without foxy babies is like a day without sunshine, right? Scroll for a bunch more foxy pics.The wild child was off on independent study while everyone else hangs out at the shed. For whatever reason, one of … Continue reading

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Wow foxy! Thursday Thankful (a little early)

(keep scrolling for a ton of pics) I know last week’s thankful was for the foxy babies, but I’m afraid watching these little ones don’t get old. Not even when they get big. All week, I have been stalking them … Continue reading

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Thankful for Foxies–Thursday thankful

Spring is my favorite season, and I planned to post on the daffodils. I love their cheery yellow-ness. Then this little guy showed up. Sorry, daffodils, ya got trumped by wee foxy. There are 3 little ones, but we’ve only … Continue reading

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13 Self-Care Lessons from the Masters

Self-care wisdom from the animals in and around Chez Harris. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Add in regular movement that you enjoy                 Get a friend to join you!       … Continue reading

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Foxes- Parting Gift for 2013

It seems that foxies have a cycle where they move in and March and the “lease” on the shed is up in the beginning of May. They’re welcome to stay, but they don’t, for reasons that are a mystery to … Continue reading

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A (foxy) Mama’s work is never done

Mama fox was nice enough to give us a few peeks of her little guys, and a few shots of her grooming them. Seriously, buddy? It’s Mother’s Day. You gonna make your momma bend over backwards to groom you? Guess … Continue reading

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Foxy Babies Part 2

The foxies (informally known as the young hooligans) are growing and are starting to look sorta like adults, except they’re in perpetual motion. It’s a riot to watch them play.   A rare moment of grooming and wuv.   Who’s … Continue reading

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Foxy Visitors (many pictures!)

You know, I’m going to let these pictures speak for themselves. Brief info at the end.   Yep, our springtime visitors are here. At first I thought there were two parents like last year, but this is more of the … Continue reading

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Oh, baby!

Oh yeah…foxys are back. I’ll post more pictures this weekend, but for now, enjoy this little guy: He has the sweetest little face! I’m hosting a (free) meditation phone retreat this Saturday 2pm EST with the lovely Ms.Iris of the … Continue reading

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