Foxes- Parting Gift for 2013

It seems that foxies have a cycle where they move in and March and the “lease” on the shed is up in the beginning of May. They’re welcome to stay, but they don’t, for reasons that are a mystery to me! But oh, they left us with such a gift. Foxes are known for being somewhat shy, and these years’ foxes were much shyer than last years’. On their last day here, though, they relaxed, and both parent foxes got to spend some quality of time relaxing and being gorgeous.foxy duo   Oh yes, right there.yep, thereSmooches!wuvfoxy duo 2Hey lady, a little privacy, please!

privacy plsNo, we never figured out which fox was mom and which was dad. The red fox did almost all of the child-rearing and was a frequent visitor so we assumed that was mom, but I couldn’t find out much on foxy family behavior.

Need more Foxy? Part 1 is here, Part 2 , Mother’s day Foxy edition, and one all grown up beautiful baby is here. Squee Fox from last year is here.

Can’t wait to see our foxy friends next year! Fingers crossed that they keep visiting us.

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2 Responses to Foxes- Parting Gift for 2013

  1. Oh, how I love these photos of Mom and Dad being tender with each others without the babies around. I know the time goes quickly and you’re sorry to see them go, but what a gift that they have come to raised their babies two years in a row! 🙂


  2. Shirley,
    Agreed all around! I need a super spy lens next year…assuming they’re back.

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