Foxy Visitors (many pictures!)

You know, I’m going to leP1030127t thesready to pouncewalking foxiesP1030101e pilittle foxy littlecplaying babiestin the foxholesweet foxures speak for themselves. Brief info at the end.


Yep, our springtime visitors are here. At first I thought there were two parents like last year, but this is more of the single parent deal. These foxies are much shyer than last year’s family, but they were okay with me out walking this afternoon, which was great. I love having them here, yet I love Shirley’s suggestion–to see them as another one of the beautiful seasons, and savor the times we have with them.

And–the important details:
No, we do not feed the foxes. They are wild animals. We do not touch them, approach them, or anything else along those lines. All of the pics are taken with a zoom lens, and I need a better lens so I can be more of a stalking foxy voyeur!

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6 Responses to Foxy Visitors (many pictures!)

  1. I got excited when I saw many pictures in the post title!! I love all the photos of these little guys! Since this house is relatively new to you, I wonder if there have been fox babies here for many years and will be for many years to come! 😉 Thanks for the mention, dear! 🙂


  2. Your fox family is beyond cute! I have never lived where there were fox (at least that I know of!) We have lots of birds in our backyard because we are the only ones in the neighborhood with no dogs. We have been anxiously waiting for our hummingbirds to bring their children to our feeders!
    There is nothing on TV that can beat seeing birds and animals just being themselves!

  3. Shirley,
    I was amazed at how cute the pics turned out! and it is such a gift to see them. You’re right, they may have prior ownership of the shed.

    Oooh, baby hummingbirds! I’ve seen adults, but never a baby. How amazing! and I agree, I much prefer my style of “reality TV”

  4. Stephanie says:

    awww…these foxies are sooo adorable! reminds me of our old place many years back where we get these visitors every year too. thanks so much for sharing these photos!

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