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Chocolate PB Fudge–Happy Blogniversary!

I’ve been blogging for 9 years now. 9 years! So, to celebrate, I give you fudge. I love peanut butter. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove. And I avoided it for years, and then gradually reintroduced it a decade later…no problem at all. So I’m … Continue reading

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Meringue Christmas Trees

*please note, some posts on this website do contain affiliate links* Aren’t these adorable? I love making meringues. They’ve delicious, they’re festive, they decorate and keep well, and they work for people who are Paleo, people looking for a lighter … Continue reading

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Pumpkin carving XV

Ah yes, yummy Autumn food. We just finished our 15th (!!!) annual pumpkin carving party, and it was so much fun seeing old friends. Of course, we’ll be fishing pumpkin seeds out from random places for a few months, but … Continue reading

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Chocolate Honey Mint Cups

Make these ASAP! I don’t remember the last time I was so gleefully delighted about a recipe, and E shares my excitement. I miss peppermint patties, and it’s that time of year. The HFCS ones are out, of course, and … Continue reading

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Spider cookies

Ever get something in your head, like you want to make cute spider cookies? Well, I set out to make pumpkin spider cookies (and I did), and I made a few batches until I was satisfied…but Erik gave them a … Continue reading

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E’s Cake (Chocolate Hazelnut Torte) Redux

It’s E’s birthday, so I went back to this Harris family classic and made some tweaks to E’s favorite.  Gotta say that none of the pictures I got are amazing, so *ahem* I just may need to make the cake … Continue reading

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Sticky Fingers Maple Walnuts

Need a last minute dessert or hostess gift? Here you go! I absolutely adore this recipe because it’s delicious, versatile and I can have a dessert or gift made and on its way in 10 minutes. Sweet, huh? I love … Continue reading

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Chocolate Egg Cream-Vegan, Paleo Friendly

It’s definitely time for a chocolate fix, yes? Years ago, I was flipping through a magazine that had a recipe for chocolate egg creams. I’m surprised that I actually read it, as someone who can’t eat eggs or cream, but … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Chocolate Guide-Gluten, dairy and soy-free.

I know, “ultimate guide” sounds like fightin’ words, but I’ll stand by them. I set out on a mission to try all of the chocolate I could find that is gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, and save you the trouble. Especially … Continue reading

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I Scream for Ice Cream!

Mr. Dude gave me my birthday present early–an ice cream maker!I’ve know I needed one since Shirley’s GFE retreat last year. Debi made her Java Chunk Ice cream. One bite, and I was sold. When I came back and asked … Continue reading

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