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You are pretty awesome

There are so many people that I admire, appreciate and respect…and think they’re pretty awesome. I often don’t say it, and most of us aren’t regularly reminded of our awesomeness past elementary school, and life would be more wonderful if … Continue reading

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A recipe tease, & odds and ends

I’ve gotten behind on posting recipes, so I’d love your input. Which do you want to see next:         Maple glazed walnuts     Homemade vegan & sugar free chocolates     Or,   Ultimate roasted broccoli … Continue reading

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Grateful for Pomegranates! Day 14

I adore pomegranates. It’s kinda goofy how much I love them. I get excited when they show up in September, and sad when they disappear, but at least I know when the go away that Spring is on its way, … Continue reading

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Ah, grateful: Day 12

Short and sweet: I’m grateful for the massage I got today! I’ve made a point of getting monthly massages this year, and it’s been a wonderful thing. More on the December Sanity Retreat & Contests The holidays can be a … Continue reading

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December Sanity Retreat 2013

December, here we come. I spoke with my sweetie a week ago, decided I didn’t need anything for the holidays and that we’d just find a needy family and gift our holidays that way. And then oh, the sweet seduction … Continue reading

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Please help me reclaim stolen family posessions

I am a pretty private person, and generally fly under the radar when possible (unless chocolate is involved). But there are times when it’s simply wrong to be silent and so…please help me urge the U.S. to return stolen religious … Continue reading

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A G-Free Thanksgiving- Tips, Recipes, Turkey list & more

I don’t usually cross-post from my “work” job but I put SO much effort into all of the recipes and turkey list that I really want to share! If you’d like to receive my monthly g-free newsletter, see … Continue reading

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Kind Bar Giveaway: Treats, no tricks!

Happy Halloween! To celebrate, a lucky winner is getting a big box of treats from Kind Bars—24 bars and 3 pouches of granola. Yowza. (see info on the winner below!) The kind folks at Kind Bars contacted me and let … Continue reading

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National Kale Day!

IMHO, every day should be National Kale Day. And squirrels should not have eaten up my kale. The pic to the right was my garden in kale-happier times. I LOVE kale, and can’t imagine how I went the first ~20 … Continue reading

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Roasted veggies Part 1—Green Beans

I’ve always roasted cauliflower, peppers, squash, and mixed veggies. And for some reason, I always stopped there. How very silly of me. And so the plan is to do a mini series to highlight other seriously yummy roasted veggies, hopefully … Continue reading

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