Grateful for Hou: Day 23

hou1We’ve got 2 cats: Genghis, who is my baby, and Houdinihappy hou, who is Mr. Dude’s darling. In truth, Hou is the sweetest cat imaginable. He’s almost good natured beyond belief; even the vet has expressed astonishment at how good tempered he is, even when he was sick. He’s really a dog trapped in a cat’s body (or a dog who looks like a cat and is litter-trained). Meaning, he sits by the door and eagerly waits for us, he lives for snuggles, he’d choose a head scratch over food. Really. AND he loves Mr. Dude so much that when he gets near him, Hou will start licking his cheek. Hou also starts purring when he hears Mr. Dude’s car pull into the garage.

At our old house, Hou was a Q-tip bandit, and he’d pull the and hem out of the garbage and squirrel them away somewhere until we stopped using Q-tips in that bathroom. But we never did find his hidey-hole. One day I was sick, and curled up on the floor. So Hou raided his stash, and brought me a Q-tip. When that didn’t have the desired result, he brought me a second. It definitely made me feel loved!

So I’m grateful for Hou. He’s definitely the mellowest and most chill of the four of us. He has a calming influence on all of us, and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives. He brings balance to our family.


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  1. Awww, what a sweet cat! Love all you’ve shared about him, Cheryl. I wonder if the folks who moved into your old house will find his q-tip stash? Such a funny habit and so sweet that he brought you q-tips when you were sick. 🙂


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