Grateful for Acts of Kindness: Day 8

Our December Sanity Retreat moves onward, and this week’s hostess is Kate of Eat, Recycle, Repeat. She’s starting a personal journey as well to perform as many acts as kindness as she can in the next 25 days! She’s also encouraging others to share their acts of kindness.

So I had a bit of a dilemma, because I greatly prefer to do anonymous acts of kindness. However, I’d like to support Kate and I do understand how contagious kindness can be! So as a happy medium, below are 3 ways that I practice kindness regularly, and I’ve done double duty and combined that with Day 8 of my gratefulness intention. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • 10 years ago I bought a bunch of little cards for a party, and then we decided we didn’t need them. So I started writing notes on them, “you are beautiful!” “wishing you a marvelous day” “you are loved” and leaving them in a variety of different  spots. Somewhere along the way writing up a gazillion cards bothered my wrist so I started ordering them in bulk through Vistaprint. I always keep a few in my bag for times they come in handy.
  • Flowers. I like them, my cats like to eat them, which dampens some of my excitement. So for the past year or so, I have a monthly tradition where get a bunch of flowers and offer them to random strangers. Some people are hugely grateful and moved. I get more than a few smiles. A few people say no. It’s always an interesting experience.
  • We also hugely value charitable giving, both to people and organizations. I really, really appreciate that Mr. Dude understands and shares my desire to give, especially around natural disasters.

I’m assuming this goes without saying, but the reason I’ve been intentionally planning in acts of kindness for well over the past decade is that I find it a nourishing habit. I am also really grateful for my ex-boyfriend, who was definitely my random acts of kindness teacher. He inspired me greatly, and helped me see how much fun it can be.

How do you like to practice acts of kindness? Let me know, or hop over and let Kate know, too!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

More on the December Sanity Retreat & Contests

The holidays can be a beautiful time of family bonding, celebration and beauty. They can also be an overdoing, overspending, overstressing time of all flavors of excess. For the last 3 years, I’ve been delighted to host the December Sanity Retreat and the July Self-Care Retreat. This is our 6th retreat! I wish I could say it was all about altruism, but honestly, it’s been wonderful for me to have an extra excuse to focus on self-care and rein in my natural tendency to need to bake (at least) 18 kinds of cookies.

I know how powerful it is for me to focus on self-care, and I imagine it’s similar for most of you, so as a gentle extra nudge, we’re doing 2 giveaways.

Giveaway #1: Let us hear your voice!

Prize: a $50 gift certificate) they are not sponsoring, I just wanted something with healthy gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, etc. options (US/Canada)

Comment on any of our hostesses’ posts on the Sanity Retreat, like this one. Leave me a comment on how you cultivate gratitude in your life, OR what you’re most grateful for on this week’s post HERE

Giveaway #2: make the challenge your own!

Blog on your own self-care plans, and a post will be chosen at random as the winner. If you don’t have a blog, contact the hostess of the week and they’ll post for you.

Prize: um, ironing out details–either a gift certificate or a box of self-care books, meditation CDs, chocolate and other fun things from me.big orange flutter

As always, self-care is whatever it means to you. So the December Sanity Challenge can be on whatever YOU need to work on to stay sane during the holiday season

Balance around food * Joyful movement * Sanity & stress management * Making space for art, expression, and spirituality * Connection with friends and family

Or whatever else speaks to you along those lines.

The challenge—post on what you plan to do to make your holidays sane, happy and healthy.  Make it specific!  Not just “I’ll get more sleep”, but “I’ll get at least 7 hours of sleep, 5 days a week”.  Not just “I won’t go crazy making desserts”, but “I’ll make a maximum of XX desserts, and space them out over XX time”.  You know what you need to do to keep this doable, and writing it down will help you get there!

I’m delighted to be joined by wonderful hostesses with likeminded blogs:

I hope you choose to join us, too.  Grab a badge and we’re good to go!

We’ll also be meeting up in our Facebook group for extra encouragement and support. You’re more than welcome to join us there.

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