Menu Plan Monday


It’s been a crazy week of dessert making and canning, and I really must take a break from chocolate birthday cakes. Seriously. Especially ones I can’t eat. Between a chocolate hazelnut cake (AKA E’s cake), a chocolate torte (which I will post later today), a peach pie, blueberry peach jam and oven roasted tomatoes, I’m just about done…for a day or two.

Manda of Asparagus thin is our lovely hostess ecake

So onward! this week, and she has chosen cassava/tapioca. I love cassava, and cassava crackers from DR are among my favorite things with guacamole (why that combo, I don’t know!) But it is very yummy.

Friday is a big day! it’s a decade from when DH and I had our first kiss. Seems like much longer and much shorter, all in one. Per his request, we’ll be having red pepper chicken for dinner.

Oven roasted tomatoes

Turkey in mint sauce with broccoli

Chicken in ginger pineapple sauce with veg TBD


Red pepper chicken with broccoli and quinoa

Baked goods:
a blueberry lemon crumble cake, somewhat like this
Challah bread (or the closest I can get!)
chocolate pudding

>From my garden:
gobs of tomatoes
serano peppers
bell peppers
herbs–rosemary, mint, parsley, oregano, thyme

From the market:

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2 Responses to Menu Plan Monday

  1. VeggieGirl says:

    Loooove all the desserts and fresh produce!!

  2. What a fun week. While I was making chicken 4 ways, you were making desserts. 🙂

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