Back to Real Life–Monday Menu Plan

First, aren’t the trees amazing?  I feel so lucky to live “hugged” by such a forest!

Whew.  We are starting to settle into our new home, and it’s time to settle into menu planning, too.  Last week was totally iron-chef.  I decided I wanted to bake something, then realized with no baking soda or baking powder, no sweeteners but stevia and (the kicker) NO PANS it simply wasn’t in the cards.  I settled for melted chocolate on dried cherries w/ a sprinkling of stevia.

Life is still chaotic, and the work commutes are kicking my butt.  The good news is that I will be opening a new office in Fairfax starting July 6th! And yet that also means a LOT of administrative gobbelty gook (business licenses, malpractice, trade name stuff) to file and all that jazz.

We’ve also got plants set up…most died in transit.  Unfortunately, as luck would have it the 10 days the plants were mommyless were mostly over 100 degrees, so without water, most resigned from life.  My blueberry plant essentially roasted, and I hope it comes back to life but I’m not holding my breath.  I think the raspberries might make it, though–they are extraordinarily resiliant plants!

So onward and upwards.  It’s a lot of adjustment, and I am finding it necessary to carve in more meditation and “me time” as we settle. Fortunately I’ll be spending Saturday at an all day meditation retreat and Sunday with my meditation group, so there’s lots of great opportunity to re-charge.

Heather of Celiac Family is our hostess this week, and blueberries are the theme. Coincidentally, that’s the ingredient for Ricki’s SOS challenge, too! I can’t think far enough to figure out how to include them…aside from raw for DH (I hate blueberries, which is weird. Usually I’m an antioxidant devouring woman, but I just can’t stand blueberries.)

I also posted an adoption of a lovely blogging buddy, Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl, so check that out! Speaking of which our dear Wendy is hosting the next edition on Celiacs in the House.

Chicken and quinoa with homemade stock

Mahi mahi with kale pesto

Beef stew with celery, carrots and potatoes–one of my very favorite comfort foods


Sniffle stew


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