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A New Crush

Ok, I’m hooked. I found and it was like a little kid in a candy store! I’ve been long frustrated with the selection of gluten-free flours out there, because most aren’t certified with GIG or CSA and do their … Continue reading

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Detox January and Cancer Nutrition

I was delighted when Nicola, the G-free Mom invited me to join her D-tox January.  Eating (much) more in the way of fruits and veggies is very powerful for preventing cancer and keeping our bodies healthy. Her mission touches my … Continue reading

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To 2011

2010 was quite a year. Personally and professionally, it was a time a lot of changes, and culinarily, (is that a word?) there was a lot of good stuff. my favorite ganache ever my favorite chestnut fudge yummy lentil dal … Continue reading

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100 Best GF Recipes and a Giveaway

The brain of a baker is different from a normal person.  It’s a proven fact.  You give a normal person a cookbook, and they take a look.  If you give a baker a cookbook, especially a hot off the presses … Continue reading

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Agave, Sweetie–It’s Time See Other Sweeteners

*Sigh.*  Oh, agave nectar, I’ve been a big fan, really I have.  But whether I like it or not, the research is piling up against fructose and so it’s time we see other…er…sweets. Dr. Mercola and WAFP were one of … Continue reading

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Cross contamination of Gluten Free Grains?

This website is dedicated to my gluten-free food experiments, however, sometimes there’s news important enough to ‘migrate’ articles over from my gluten-free dietetics practice.  Here’s my June 2010 GF newsletter. Are Whole Grains Like Millet, Corn and Rice Safe in … Continue reading

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A Menu Plan Give away

I’ve had a few unexpected things pop up so this brief: I’ve had very few hosts for Menu Plan Monday lately. So in the spirit of making things more interesting, there’s a giveaway from now until March 18th. Leave a … Continue reading

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I Spy…

I spy…a new book and a giveaway on the web! Ricki of Diet dessert and Dogs has a new Anti Candida (gluten and sugar free) e-cookbook for only $5.  There are terrific recipes included, such as Carob Orange Cookies and … Continue reading

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A super yum-e-baby shower…

As some of you may know, Seamaiden from Book of Yum is going to have a bundle of Yum in late July.  Congrats, Sea!  Since Sea is such a great source of gluten free blogging recipes, support and information, it … Continue reading

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Menu Plan Monday Jan 5th–Soup!

I hope you all had great New Year’s celebrations and look forward to seeing the yummy food that went along with it! This week’s theme is soup, because I love soup. Soup is the best part of winter months. It’s … Continue reading

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