Menu Plan Monday July 12th–Salads!

What a week! My sweetheart has been having tummy troubles. And no, it’s not Celiac. (funny to see where my brain goes…) It’s been quite a challenge because he seems to have attacks of pain regardless of what he eats, so we’ve been having very bland and simple SMALL meals and going for low fat while he goes through the gobs of tests and such. Please send digestive warm fuzzies in his direction.

So for E, there have been rolls…and jam… and gobs of smoothies. Yay Vitamix.  And for me, Easy Easiest Almond Cookies! But seriously, this is getting old. Hopefully we figure something out soon.

My garden has been loving the hot weather, although it’s been so dry that many of my plants have been taking a beating, especially since I haven’t been watering aggressively as I should be. I’m quite taken with this cute little watermelon (see above) and it’s unusual for me to have them this early! I did also finally dig up the remainder of the garlic, which should hold me a good long while and keep any an all vampires at bay.

This week’s Menu Plan is hosted by Heather of Celiac Family. She’s chosen salads. I’ve been OD’ing on salads lately because Wegmans sells a vat of organic greens, but it’s enough for a family, and DH doesn’t usually eat lettuce. After eating one last week, I’m laying low, but I saw a bag of mache lettuce at Trader Joe’s and it said perfect with avocado, so I’ll be having that with some home grown tomatoes and pinenuts sometime this week…yum! I’ve also got a quinoa salad on the menu. I’m not sure what herbs I’ll put in yet, though.

Menu Plan:

Chicken in a lemony basil sauce and fennel


Quinoa Salad with broccoli

Turkey and celery in a thyme-chestnut sauce

Mache salad with tomatoes, avocado and pine nuts


From my garden

blackberries (just a few)

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Life played a funny trick on me. I've studied nutrition for years, and much to my surprise, found out that I could manage many of my health issues via diet. I've been GF for years, and I've got a bunch of allergies and sensitivities. But it definitely doesn't keep me from cooking, baking and enjoying my food. Thanks for stopping by.
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6 Responses to Menu Plan Monday July 12th–Salads!

  1. Digestive warm fuzzies on their way from Ohio.

  2. Digestive warm fuzzies from me, too. 🙂 Hope he’s feeling better soon.

    Looks like a nice, light menu for the hot summer days. And, I guess I’m going to have to pick up some palm sugar to make those almond cookies.

  3. Scrumptious says:

    Digestive warm fuzzies from California. Some say we have the market cornered on warm fuzzies out here, so hopefully they’ll be really helpful.

    Another light & lovely week from you! Everything sounds delicious. I haven’t had mache in a long time – for a while all the food scenesters were cuckoo for it, but I think they’ve moved on to being obsessed with ramps now. Poor mache. I am glad you are giving it some love!

  4. Kimberly says:

    Hope your hubby feels better very soon 🙂

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  6. Thank all of you for your support for DH…and of course, it helps that he’s getting warm fuzzies from all over the country. Seems like surgery is inevitable but we’re trying one last thing. At least he is in very good hands.

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