Why WIC Peer Counselor $s make good sense

Just a note on a cause I believe in:
I had the honor of serving as the Breastfeeding Coordinator for the DC WIC State Agency from 2003-2007. Although typically breastfeeding is not common among the low income, predominantly African American DC WIC population, during that time, breastfeeding rates went from 42%-49%–the biggest increase seen across the country.

Why the sudden jump? We got grants to support and expand our breastfeeding peer counselor program. No big surprise—WIC moms learn best from other current or former WIC breastfeeding moms in their community.

Breastfeeding is a great way to promote sustainable health care for momma and baby, and reduce racial disparities as well. With both sides of the aisle squawking about the cost of health care, it’s useful to remember that breastfeeding is an investment in healthy babies and communities, and pays off in many ways.

This program is on the chopping block as we speak in Congress. Please urge your representative to make sure the WIC Peer Counselor program is included in the final FY 2014 Appropriations Bill, at a level equal to funding provided in FY 2013.

Email your representative or tweet your support!


Cheryl Iny Harris, MPH, RD

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